Members will have access to the promotional pages and only Business or Professional members may contact other listed business or professional members about products or services rendered via email. Your email is kept private and not viewable from the site. There are options for outsiders to view the business directory and to view the promotional offers but cannot access the contact form that routes to your email without a business or professional membership.  Members' emails are not shown to anyone who visits the site but can receive emails from other members about services and products through a contact form. This prohibits bots from harvesting your email or phone number for marketing spam. The site is also protected by an SSL certificate and a firewall, where all visitors are protected from malware or malicious harvesting. However, it is required to provide an email to become a member but no one will have direct access to that email. Another option is to contact the administrator with your business listing information, and have the administrator manually place your listing for you. You may also contact administrator, if someone is over emailing or emailing a solicitation instead of an inquiry for business.  Please flag any inappropriate listings, fake listings, or listings no longer in business. If you wish for your username to be deleted from the site please contact the administrator as it can be done without deleting your business listing. The only other requirement besides the business name is the website, which is recommended for traffic and SEO purposes.
Tulsa Marketing Resource will not use your personal email or telephone number for any other marketing spam or contact you for any solicitations with the exception of Dixon Multimedia may personally contact your business for any individual business, networking or personal interests on the rare occasion. Dixon may also be in contact with you about your option to provide special offers or coupons for the membership page.